The Jesters

Main Stage

2:00 PM

The Jesters brass band got their start playing at the Crystal Ballroom as it opened in the early 1990s. The band often marched from the Blue Moon Tavern to the Crystal Ballroom, accompanying revelers from the tavern to the theater. Soon they were playing at McMenamin’s taverns from Chehalis to Salem. Scott Steele (electric guitar) and John Keenan-Mudrick (alto sax) are the current members immortalized on tile in the basement of the McMenamin’s Grand Lodge in Forest Grove. Other current members include Darrin Brooks, sousaphone; James Thornton III, trombone; Marc Chervin, trumpet; Malcolm Lewis, tenor sax; Chris Ingold, snare drum; Alexander Grant, bass drum; Tim Briare, djembe and percussion; and Elizabeth Rhodes Moffett, percussion and drum majorette/hooper.

When The Jesters are not marching, they are a stationary ballroom extravaganza. Nine pieces of funky rock, jazz, and soul music for your dancing pleasure, certain to enhance your revelry.

Jul 7
Jul 7