Reggie Houston's Krewe de Blues

Blues Cruise

7:00 PM

Reggie Houston, a seventh-generation New Orleanian, inherited a rich legacy of music from his parents Ralph, a pianist and bassist, and Margarete, an educator and activist. From his formative years, Reggie embraced education and music, eventually becoming a celebrated saxophonist while advocating for arts education.

Inspiration struck Reggie at the tender age of 10 when he witnessed Ray Charles wield the alto saxophone at Lincoln Beach Amusement Park, where he also reveled in the performances of Fats Domino. Little did he know that these encounters would shape his future, leading him to share stages with these luminaries and spend over two decades as a pillar of Fats Domino’s band, before relocating to Portland, Oregon, in 2004.

In Portland, Reggie’s impact is profound, from leading award-winning student ensembles to organizing Hurricane Katrina relief benefits and serving on music panels. His performances with the Northwest Ray Charles Tribute Band and the Oregon Symphony showcase his versatility and talent.

Meanwhile, in New Orleans, Reggie’s presence was felt profoundly, from his pivotal role at The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival to his collaborations with icons like Dr. John and Irma Thomas. His extensive recording portfolio, encompassing works with Peter Gabriel, Buffy St. Marie, and The Neville Brothers, underscores his diverse musical prowess and enduring impact on the global music scene.

Yet Reggie’s mission extends beyond performance; it embodies a commitment to preserving and sharing Louisiana’s musical heritage. Through projects like Anonymous Legends: A History of New Orleans Music, Reggie ensures that the vibrant tapestry of New Orleans music, deeply rooted in African traditions, continues to inspire and resonate with audiences worldwide, echoing the rhythms of generations past and present.

Jul 3
Jul 3