Reggie Houston, Lori Henriques & The Radishes

Crossroads Stage

3:00 PM

Kind People Are My Kind of People is a new collaboration between New Orleans jazz saxophonist Reggie Houston and Children’s Music artist Lori Henriques. Reggie and Lori developed a friendship when he began mentoring her young son Leo, an aspiring jazz trumpet player. Both the mentorship and the friendship have evolved over the past several years, culminating in their 2023 release. The album features the call-and-response Jazz tradition with playful vocals from Lori and Reggie, accompanied by her daughter Elsa on violin and Leo on trumpet. The release celebrates jazz tradition with a blend of styles including traditional New Orleans jazz, rhythm and blues, and Tin Pan Alley, alongside original compositions that breathe new life into beloved melodies.

From the Tin Pan Alley-esque “Flamingo in My Back Yard” to the rhythm and blues zest of “It’s Summer,” each track offers a whimsical journey enriched by original lyrics and captivating performances. Notable highlights include “Bye Bye Blackbird,” which transforms a jazz standard into a soothing lullaby, and “When I Look Into the Night Sky,” featuring lyrical soprano saxophone echoes and Elsa’s enchanting violin solo. With their playful repartée and theatrical flair, Reggie and Lori weave a tapestry of joy and imagination, reminding listeners of the timeless magic found in music.

Critics praise the album’s ability to channel the inner child, with Oregon Music News describing it as a “whimsical walk through timeless melodies,” while All About Jazz lauds Reggie’s charisma akin to “a modern-day Louis Armstrong.” NPR’s All Things Considered recognizes Lori’s songs for their intelligence and empathy, solidifying the album’s status as a masterpiece that resonates across generations. Through Kind People Are My Kind of People, Reggie and Lori celebrate the beauty of kindness and the enduring power of music to inspire and uplift.

Jul 4
Jul 4