Leon Timbo

South Stage + Crossroads Stage

3:05 PM + 5 PM

“Timbo is known for his versatile vocals and his unique style that blends elements of soul, gospel, funk and more…a tender tribute to forging a love as constant as the sun and moon, yet as flexible as the wind.” — Billboard

Some write music as a creative release. Others feel compelled to perform. Country-soul singer-songwriter Leon Timbo uses music as a form of growth and healing. Growing up the son of two pastors in Jacksonville, FL, music was integrated into his life from the very start, as a way to communicate spiritual experience.

Inspired by artists such as Bill Withers, James Taylor and Tim Miner, Timbo began singing at age sixteen, and by twenty was playing guitar and performing. Timbo’s country sound incorporates equal measures of vintage soul, gospel, folk, R&B and modern blues, making for a unique experience that some have described as “transparent soul.” As No Depression sees it, Timbo’s music is filled with “Gospel-laden harmonies that are smooth as silk…nothing short of inspiring.”

Timbo just finished touring with two-time GRAMMY Award-winning bassist, Marcus Miller, during his residency with Blue Note New York, which included two sold-out shows. Timbo will continue touring with Miller, along with The Black Opry, as well as playing festivals, including American Roots Festival and Newport Folk Festival throughout the summer.

Jul 7
Jul 7