Diggin Dirt

Blues Cruise + South Stage

3 PM + 7 PM

Presented by Milagro Tequila

Diggin Dirt is no ordinary funk and soul band. This seven-piece group’s pure, authentic energy explodes off the stage with an infectious sound fueled by a blazing horn section, pulsating rhythms, and searing guitars. Tying it all together is the band’s frontman, Zach Alder, who — in possession of the pipes, charisma, moves, and natural-born-soul — launches this ensemble into rarefied air.

Emerging from behind the redwood curtain in Humboldt County, Diggin Dirt layers influences of psychedelic rock, Motown soul, Afrobeat, and reggae over a sturdy foundation of late 60s-inspired funk. Flash to James Brown, Sly and the Family Stone, Otis Redding or Tower of Power, manifested with spine-tingling originality. Beware…once in their clutches, the relentless dance party does not let up.

Jul 4
Jul 4