Cristina Vane

Crossroads Stage + Buick GMC of Beaverton Blues Stage

9 PM + 4 PM

Born in Italy to a Sicilian-American father and a Guatemalan mother, Cristina Vane has always had a tenuous relationship with identity and place. She grew up between England, France and Italy, and was fluent in four languages by the time she moved to her father’s native United States for university at 18. Despite this (and perhaps because of it), she had no sense of belonging to any one culture or country. 

What she did have, however, was an intense love of music. Powered by her signature take on blues and rock, the singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Cristina Vane’s debut album, Nowhere Sounds Lovely, earned her praise from the likes of American Songwriter and Rolling Stone Country, which deemed it ‘mesmerizing stuff.’ The 2021 release was written largely on a road trip across America. Since then, Vane has laid down roots in Nashville and had the opportunity to spend more time exploring internally.  

On her sophomore album Make Myself Me Again, Vane has found a way around the country and right back to herself, both musically and personally.  “I’ve been trying to peel back the layers, to understand who I am, and I think that process has translated to this record,” she explains, “The production is straightforward, more minimal, and a bit of a return to my rock roots but still paying homage to the music I’ve explored since then.”

Jul 6+7
Jul 6+7