Dancin' the Blues

Day 01

Crossroads Stage

1:00 PM

Featuring Norman Sylvester, Tevis Hodge, Jr., and Brenda Russell of DanceMode Productions.

Music and dance are intrinsically linked as art forms, one doesn’t exist without the other. Just as you can hear blues music change over time, you can see the dance evolve in tandem. This show spans 100 years of blues music touching on major styles and trends significant to blues dance.

DanceMode Productions company members come from social dance communities that include African Diaspora dances such as Blues, Jazz, Afro-Latin, Afro-Caribbean, Semba, and West African dance. Directed by Brenda Russell, this group demonstrates historic dances in order to educate and inspire, but primarily for their own development and enjoyment. Dancers from the Portland area who are accomplished or native dancers of Blues and Jazz will showcase the movements and connections inspired by this music we love.

Jul 2
Jul 2