The EarthTonez

Day 01

Front Porch Stage

7:00 PM

The EarthTonez are a dynamic four-piece band based in the Pacific Northwest, known for their blend of R&B, neo-soul, and funk music. The band was formed in 2022 and consists of lead singer/guitarist Dante Zapata, his brother Andre Zapata on bass, keyboardist Chris Turner (who also sings backup vocals), and drummer Brian Foxworth (who also sings backup vocals). Drawing inspiration from classic R&B and soul artists like Stevie Wonder and Erykah Badu, as well as funk pioneers such as Parliament-Funkadelic, The EarthTonez have crafted a unique and infectious sound that’s all their own.

Andre Zapata’s groovy bass lines anchor The EarthTonez’s sound, with Dante’s soulful vocals and virtuosic guitar playing, Chris’s skillful keyboard playing, and Brian’s powerful drumming creating a tight and funky rhythm section. Chris and Brian also provide harmonious and soulful backup vocals, adding an extra layer of depth and richness to The EarthTonez’s sound. The band’s live shows are known for their energy and musicianship, with the members’ chemistry and passion for their music evident in every performance. Despite being a new band, The EarthTonez have quickly gained attention for their captivating live shows and fresh approach to R&B, neo-soul, and funk music.

Jul 3
Jul 3