Nik West

Day 01

South Stage

6:50 PM

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“She’s a baaaaad mama jama!… lightning licks and thunder thumbs…” – Quincy Jones

Explosive stage presence isn’t enough to describe the way Nik West moves, wows, and shocks crowds everywhere. “She is a real-life Gumby on stage, all while singing, dancing, and slapping the hell out of her bass guitar!” With credits that include work with artists such as Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame, Prince, John Mayer, Glee and more — bassist, singer, and songwriter Nik West is anything more than just another pretty face.

Noted music journalist Alex Henderson (Billboard) sums up West’s incredible talent, saying “Nik West is one 21st Century artist who isn’t lacking in the chops department. She is a young electric bassist who clearly knows her way around her instrument and plays like she has been inspired by the funky likes of Larry Graham, Louis Johnson (of Brothers Johnson fame), and Marcus Miller.”

West’s musical journey began in her hometown, Phoenix, AZ. It was there that her father, an accomplished guitarist, taught her how to play the rhythm guitar when she was just 13 years old. Though she began her musical journey playing the guitar, the left-handed phenom truly realized her calling when she discovered the bass in high school — after discovering the instrument there was no stopping her.  

West’s standout voice and funky bass playing were noticed early on by the music company, Fender, who offered her an artist endorsement. She was one of the first musicians to play Fender’s 6-string bass, and she is now the face of a new line of basses called the Dimension Bass and the Elite Bass. She is also the brainchild behind the Queen of Strings Competition which aims to discover, inspire and teach young women self-esteem and discipline on guitar and bass.

Nik West will also perform at one of our Official Late Night Shows at the Jack London Revue on July 2.

Jul 2
Jul 2