Nic Clark

Day 01

Crossroads Stage

5:00 PM

Nic Clark would be the first to tell you that he’s one big marshmallow inside. His gentle nature is an undeniable character trait and finds its way into everything he does. The Denver native understands that his emotions run close to the surface and he’s just going with that. When it comes to the music he creates, he’s always looking to put people at ease, to cushion them from the sometimes harsh realities of life. 

He picked up the harmonica at age 11 after finding an instructional blues harmonica book in a bookstore. He later began playing guitar as well.  He found joy in musicians such as Taj Mahal, Curtis Mayfield and Pops Staples, who wrote songs that just seemed to unwind with layers of emotions.

If you’re ever in need of a friend, put on Clark’s new studio album, Everybody’s Buddy, and let his uplifting and honest songs pass through those tough life moments. Produced by guitar-phenom Charlie Hunter and set for release on Little Village,  Everybody’s Buddy is a reflection of an everyday Generation Z kid trying his best while facing unsurmountable challenges that most Americans deal with daily. Nic Clark pours his emotions out on Everybody’s Buddy, and there’s a dose of humanity every step of the way. 

Nic Clark learned early on in the recording of Everybody’s Buddy to not count himself out, which turned out to be the name of one of the tracks. The Mexican-American musician has lived a hard life, battling an eating disorder since he was a young kid. In his teens and ‘20s, Clark weighed upwards of 400 pounds. It’s a daily struggle for Clark, though he admits that his life is not all that different from many Americans. Clark notes, “My experience is very common in America…. People are in recovery, supporting multi-generational families, etc. I’m just so grateful I have my music to keep me out of trouble.”

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