Nathan James & Ben Hernandez

Day 01

Crossroads Stage + Front Porch Stage

Multiple Sets

July 4 at 1:00 PM on the Crossroads Stage
July 4 at 5:10 PM on the Front Porch Stage

Nathan James and Ben Hernandez formed their duo, Turnrow Saints, in 2001. They went on to play, tour, and record together for the next decade, helping to lead a roots music revival that wouldn’t emerge again for many years later. They won the International Blues Challenge and have worked with legendary blues and R&B artists such as Mavis Staples, Kim Wilson, James Harman, and Lazy Lester to name a few.

Eventually, the two parted, with Ben moving to North Carolina to start a family and begin writing songs for his band, Bright West. Nathan continued on with a prolific run of recordings and extensive tours, pushing the boundaries of his solo show with the use of electronics and sampling.

This year Nathan and Ben are reuniting for a new tour with music that represents the combined work they started years ago and the perspectives they’ve gained while they were apart.

There is no denying that the music of Turnrow Saints is deeply rooted in the early American music of folk, blues and gospel. But with modern syncopated rhythms, energetic harmony arrangements and original songwriting, Nathan James and Ben Hernandez have always found a frequency that allows them to remain unique and true to their craft.

Jul 4
Jul 4