Memphissippi Sounds

Memphissippi Sounds

Day 1

Front Porch Stage + Crossroads Stage

5:30 PM + 9 PM

Presented by The Leslie Fund

“It’s one thing to make a great traditional blues album. Or rock the blues. It’s quite another thing to take that which the blues stands for and turn it on its ass to make a whole new configuration. They have turned the blues inside-out and upside down on the brilliant Welcome To The Land. …. the blues album of the year.” – GOLDMINE

Memphissippi Sounds is a partnership of Damion Pearson, harmonica, and Cameron Kimbrough, drums—both play guitar and sing as well—from, respectively. Memphis and North Mississippi, which are essentially adjacent and also worlds apart. Grandson of blues legend Junior Kimbrough, Cameron brought the original blues of North Mississippi to the duo, along with a taste that included Metallica, Nirvana, and Saturday morning Holly Springs “Southern soul circuit blues.”

In Memphis, Damion studied his father’s record collection, which leaned toward George Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic, the Ohio Players, and then the sounds of the city’s own WDIA—the electrified blues of John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Jimmy Reed, and both Sonny Boy Williamsons.

Then they met, and Damion realized, “I was having my own kind of feeling and that feeling, once I really honed in on it, just worked with Cam’s type of old school blues. Like James Brown said, ‘Trust in the one.’ And follow the groove.”

Memphissippi Sounds will also be performing on the Hoodoo Moon Kickoff Cruise on Thursday, June 30.

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Jul 1