Loveness Wesa

Day 1

Front Porch Stage

1:20 PM

 “Art is the most powerful vehicle to transform communities, cities, countries and the planet.”  – Loveness Wesa 

A world-renowned artist specializing in both dance and music, Loveness Wesa, is originally from Zimbabwe. She has made the United States, and Portland, home for many years. She has been using her talents to bring healing and entertainment to humanity and the world since childhood. Loveness enjoys creating ubuntu, meaning humanity towards others, in a gesture that reaches far beyond her local community. In every individual performance or event that she produces, she seeks to initiate a sense of love, peace and harmony as a way to transform negativity into a healing experience. 

It is through her positive energy that she creates a genuine connection in the spirit of ubuntu. It is Loveness’ belief that an artist’s goal is to profoundly touch and transform lives, so “by empowering the artist, we can empower humanity.” Loveness is an accomplished performing artist with many mediums including musician, dancer, choreographer, singer/songwriter, actress, producer, healer, and certified master teacher with the Master Sha Tao Academy. She is a product of Amakhosi Theater, where she trained intensively for over 10 years. The theater company, directed by Cont Mhlanga, was one of Zimbabwe’s first to travel around the world.

“Love melts all blockages and transforms all life.”

Jul 1
Jul 1