Los Lonely Boys

Day 01

Buick GMC of Beaverton Blues Stage

7:40 PM

Presented by Union Wine Co.

The Brotherhood Tour

Family has always been at the center of things for Los Lonely Boys. Henry, Jojo, and Ringo Garza have been playing and touring together since they were teenagers. Three years ago, they decided to take a break to focus on their own growing families. But Summer 2022 saw them back at it again, returning to life on the road alongside The Who. The Boys have been making music together for 17 years now, and they show no signs of slowing down or losing inspiration. Today, you’ll find them in the studio, working on their newest album.

The story of how the Garza brothers rode their bluesy “Texican rock & roll” sound from San Angelo, Texas, to worldwide fame is one of rock’s great Cinderella tales. The sons of Enrique “Ringo” Garza Sr. are a second-generation sibling band; their dad and his brothers played conjunto as the Falcones before the elder Garza formed a band with his sons. Their big break came when they began playing Austin clubs in the early 2000s. One day, Willie Nelson’s nephew heard some demos. Next thing they knew, Willie showed up at a gig. Then he showcased them at Farm Aid, fronted recording time at his famed Pedernales Studio, and guested on their album. Propelled by their No. 1 single, “Heaven,” they earned a GRAMMY for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group.

After a scare in 2013 where Henry was seriously hurt when he fell from a stage, all three brothers re-examined not only how they make music, but how they conduct their lives. Once again, they affirmed that’s family. And music. Starting in 2019, a three-year hiatus served their hearts and their families well, but it also served to plant new seeds of creativity. “Our new songs are about what is happening in everyone’s lives; topics of separation, the need for more love, and relating to one another,” says Henry.

Now, with plans to release a new record in 2023, the Boys are entering a new era of their career. “Walking off the stage after our first performance this year, we cried together, hugged, and knew we would continue,” says Henry. “It is a blessing to share the stage with my brothers. We lift each other musically and spiritually. We consider this Los Lonely Boys’ resurrection.”

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