Jourdan Thibodeaux et Les Rôdailleurs

Day 01

Main Stage

2:00 PM

Jourdan Thibodeaux is the guy you picture when someone says the word “authentic.” Straight from the blackjack boggy woods of Cypress Island, Louisiana, Jourdan is one of only a small number of young people speaking Cajun French today, and his soulful singing and fiddling are the perfect medium for his ever-growing repertoire of original Louisiana French songs. His musical ability and his crafty songwriting, which is at once classic and progressive, has afforded him a band comprised of some of the finest artists in Acadiana today: Cedric Watson (accordion), Alan Lafleur (bass), Joel Savoy (guitar), and Jay Miller (drums). From foot-stomping two-steps to heart-breaking ballads, Jourdan Thibodeaux et les Rôdailleurs (the ‘vagabonds’) deliver la verité with a sound that will leave you wetter than running hoop nets in July!

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